Our Trucks

Restored by hand for a picture perfect look.

Each truck in our fleet has been meticulously restored by hand, with each project taking around six months to complete, because attention to detail is as important as a good craft beer. When searching for new additions to the fleet, we look for vehicles that can be restored to their original beauty while remaining appealing to a modern era. All of our trucks are fully functional with mostly original engine parts, and if you’re lucky we’ll take you for a joy ride.


1949 Ford Panel Truck

We're proud to present our first Ford in the Tap Truck NE fleet. With classic tones of black and white this '49 is timeless.  A polished look from the white walls to the door logos. The brew comes out of cold housing with the same American craftsmanship. This truck has room for 4 taps.


1959 Jeep FC170

The Jeep is our second pride and joy, and was completed in early 2017. It combines a rugged and picturesque vintage look, finished off with a hand painted Tap Truck logo. The Jeep has six total taps – 4 taps for beer, and 2 nitro taps for coffee, Guinness, or other nitro beverages.


Tap Truck NE came out for my wedding this past weekend. We are all still talking about how perfect they were – absolutely the hit of my wedding. I highly recommend them for any event. Five stars!
— Mia Cogliantry