About Us


Charlie Grab

tap truck ne Founder, beer enthusiast

Charlie Grab is a New England native who takes a lot pride in transportation. His classic Ford was hand-picked, from the white walls to the original paint selection; And, the whole fleet has been meticulously restored by Charlie himself. In addition to owning and operating Tap Truck NE, he is a national transportation and fleet specialist for higher education.

His love for American craftsmanship runs through his veins from beers to trucks, so get in touch and he'd be more than happy to talk about both.



The Tap Truck Story

The idea for the Tap Truck was born out of great passion for beer, a love for classic pickup trucks, and all around good times. What started in San Diego, CA, has been making it's mark around the USA, pouring beers at hundreds of events for thousands of happy people. 

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